Social Media Marketing

Advantages Of Social Media

Social Media Activity Important for Your Brand

Social Media Marketing

How can your brand achieve brand visibility online? Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the ways to tell your brand’s story through social media platforms, engaging posts, and creating a community with your audience. SMM is all about gaining visibility by going to where your potential customers are, knowing the content your customers will engage with and providing it to them. 18Brandz will build a social media strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

Advantages of Social Media

With all the social media sites out there, it can be confusing which ones will give you the most results. We analyze your target audience to see where they are more likely to be online. We know how to create campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest. We’ll start building your brand persona and branding messages to make your business stand out from the rest. We’ll collaborate with you to share your story with the world and get those sales rolling in.

The advantages of social media are vast. You can reach consumers, build connections with them one-on–one and be in the conversation. Having a social media presence builds brand awareness. You can address any issues directly and provide the utmost in customer satisfaction. Turn a negative review into a positive one by providing excellent customer service across all channels. Using social media can really be just the thing your brand needs to get out there.

18Brandz has expertise in the following strategies that make up SMM
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Being Social

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Is Social Media Activity Important for Your Brand?

hell Yeah!


With social media constantly evolving it is important for your brand to have a profound presence across all social media platforms. Each platform has a different audience so tactics

implemented must match that platform. 18Brandz has immense knowledge in maintaining these platforms to increase traffic ultimately increasing search ranking and improving overall sales.

We use all the metrics and analytics provided by each of the social media sites. That way we know what strategies are working and which are not. We change copy and images based on the how well they resonate with consumers. If one week something isn’t making an impact, then we change strategies. We use everything that the site provides, plus some that it doesn’t, to devise the perfect campaigns for your business.

Already Posting?

If so, great! One of the most important challenges is created a unified voice across all channels. The content is a representation of the brand and the product and services offered. The 18Brandz team will help you create your unified voice across all channels that will engage your audience. We’ll help you make sure you’re telling the right story. If it doesn’t resonate with consumers, then we’ll help you change tactics. We’ll transition your social media messages to become streamlined across all accounts. That way, you will build a true brand and start cultivating a relationship with your audience.

Do You Need Social Media Ads?


At times your goals may require paying for social media ads. Social media ads can boost your reach. It can bring your brand to more people than it would regularly. It might seem like a costly investment, but the return will outweigh it. 18Brandz will help you decide when it is a must and what should be the budget.