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The intent is like real estate and you want a prime location for your company. SEO does just that!


You want your brand on Google’s first page. How do you get there? There are “spiders” that crawl through the web always processing data. That data creates website rankings. Of course, SEO is more than just website ranking. We provide organic SEO services. It is the culmination of all things web design and user experience. The structure of the website, the speed, relevance of content and link building are all key factors that affect the ranking. In order to rank higher, your web content must provide relevant information to your consumer. It must be updated often. Keywords must be used and updated constantly. It’s one of the best ways to draw potential customers. The goal of every brand is to come up on the first page of search results. This will help customers find your site and increase your chances for sales and brand awareness.

18Brandz has expertise in the following strategies that make up SEO

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link juice

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As a brand, the worst thing you could do is not announce your presence. Omitting SEO from your marketing strategy is doing just that. Incorporating  SEO is one of the best ways to attract customers. Using the right keywords and content, you’ll bring in potential leads who are already searching for a solution to their problem. That means they are more likely to purchase if the website provides them with what they need.

Some companies add new content to their site regularly by adding new products with SEO rich descriptions. What if your brand does not regularly add new products, how do you add fresh content? 18Brandz takes it a step further with multiple forms of engaging content to keep your site up in ranks and up to date. It will help to boost the long-term reach of your audience, new products, consumer trends, and most importantly why you have authority in your industry.

How Does SEO Work?

Google holds almost a 70% share of the search engine market. It is the most well-known of the major search engines. Since Google has the largest portion of the market, their algorithm is the most important when it comes to SEO. Every month Google is checking to see how relevant your website is to their ever-changing algorithm. Your content must be fresh with relevant keywords. It must provide your customers with valuable information.

Our team of SEO specialists understand everything there is to know about SEO. We will create the perfect strategy for your business. We research and create keyword lists using data analytics focused on your target audience. Our strategies are based entirely on the consumer, meaning we strive to understand everything they want and need. That’s how we optimize your content. Your website will have content that works for you with keywords and backlinks that will push your site to rank on Google’s first page. Our experience and knowledge will get you there.

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18Brandz is located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. We’re a short distance away from bustling New York City. Our unique location gives us easy access to the thriving city industry, while giving us the distance needed to focus on our own ideas. We’re New Jersey’s SEO experts. You need a team that’s close by and able to meet all of your needs. There might be plenty of different businesses in New Jersey, but we’re the best. We’ll provide you with a personalized touch. Our team focuses on each of our clients individually and with a great attention to detail. We’ll boost your local New Jersey SEO as well as your national SEO. You want a team that understands SEO and implements only the best practices. We’re always up-to-date on everything that needs to be known and more. We’ll make your business the next household brand.