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Content Marketing

content marketing specialists

With your brand’s story told, your content becomes alive

content marketing specialists

Content Marketing for your page is not as simple as writing a few sentences about your service. What you need are content marketing specialists who understand the ins and outs of content marketing. We know that content goes beyond researching, and collecting data. Our team invests time weekly to produce relevant and engaging content. We make sure it works, and if it doesn’t we move on to the next thing. We know what your shoppers want. Crafting the right kind of content is exactly how you can attract them to your product.

Content marketing is not meant to be flashy and distract the consumer. It informs the consumer with visuals and text. This allows transparency between the brand and its customers. The content translates from a brand’s website to its social media platforms. It can be used in e-mail marketing efforts maintaining a unified message and theme. The right content will create a seamless brand persona for your business. This is the persona that your audience will resonate with. It’s the persona that will be the defining characteristic of your brand. It reaches your consumer with all the core beliefs that make your business worth purchasing from.

18Brandz is a Successful Content Marketing Strategist

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Engaging Content

Our team knows how to target a market. We will create a very specific buyer persona. Then, we check the data and find out where they would be all across social media and beyond. We will find which platforms work for your brand. Then we will create everything from the copy to the imagery on each of your social channels. This will be the exact way to breach that distance between business and consumer. We will show your brand’s story in emotionally engaging ways that will convert readers to buyers.

There’s tons of social media sites that need to be viewed before your marketing can really begin. We focus on one or two before expanding to the others. Each one of them has their own importance. There’s plenty of people to reach on Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Leveraging their user bases can really help you increase your brand recognition. Brands tend to forget the power of LinkedIn when it comes to content marketing. We know how to translate a content piece from a website to an effective LinkedIn status update. Creating connections is very important.

Fresh Content

Content must be fresh and exciting! This is important as it helps increase organic SEO. Consistently updating content helps with social media efforts. We are able to withstand the changing algorithms of Facebook and Instagram as it is crucial to stay active with daily content. We devise campaigns with your specific goals in mind. If one campaign doesn’t work, we change tactics and move to the next one.

We also make sure your website is always up-to-date. We craft unique, well-researched blogs that will bring potential shoppers to your site with new, relevant information. Not only does it help attract customers, it gives your current customers a way to interact with your brand. We’ll make sure all of your products are well-described and attractive to your consumers. We design creative images combined with stellar copy that reaches your customers. We’ll tell your brand’s unique story in a way that captivates and sells.

We’ll help you by creating the best content for all platforms that exemplifies your brand.

Content marketing services