Social Media Marketing

How to Get Started on TikTok

Everyone’s heard of Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest, but something new is always popping up. Oftentimes these newer players fade out of the limelight and are forgotten. That’s not what’s happening with Chinese-based TikTok, the social video app Gen-Z craze. What started out as a music app quickly became a powerful user-generated social experience through short videos. On TikTok anyone

viewing product on instagram before using instagram checkout feature
Is Instagram the Future of Social Commerce?

Instagram has changed a lot over the years. Businesses have more and more tools at their disposal. At one time, marketers could only tell users to click the link in bio. If they liked what they saw on their feed, then users would navigate to the business’s website. Then, Instagram implemented product tagging and shoppable Stories. This allowed marketers to

A bitcoin against a stylized grid in dark blue
Blockchain and Social Media

A new technology has emerged in the financial-technology industry that is looking to reshape the way we use the internet. Blockchain is an incorruptible distributed database of economic transactions that can record nearly anything of value. Each block records current transactions that once completed are then linked on a linear, chronological chain. Blocks are encrypted, meaning they can't be altered