Improving Your Content Marketing

Improving Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a necessity for any brand. While it was once considered a technique that helped brands stand out from competition, it is now what drives most social marketing campaigns. Traditional advertising costs far more than creating content, and also generates less results. It’s viable across all platforms. Consumers crave content. They don’t simply want to be sold a product anymore. They want to build a relationship with companies. Content marketing helps build trust and leads to higher sales. It also improves your SEO which increases your brand’s visibility. Perhaps most of all, content shows your authority in the industry and makes your brand credible.

How to Make an Impression

You want to be able to grab the consumer’s attention within 30 seconds or less. Of course, by “a hook”, I don’t mean asking questions which prompt the use of a product to satisfy. You don’t want to sound like a midnight infomercial. What you want is to create a conversation and engage your audience so that they eventually follow your brand. Focus on the headline. You have one sentence to summarize your content. You have to make it count.

Followers should recognize your content anywhere. Make sure your brand is recognizable on all platforms. The best way to gain trust is to build a relationship with that consumer. Show them the value of your brand through what you post. You want your audience to view your brand as an authority in the respective industry.

Create a journey. Lead your consumer through.

Focus on driving awareness, consideration and the decision. Your content should answer their questions and show that your product fulfills their needs.

Does Timing Matter?

Post or e-mail at the wrong time, and your carefully created blog post or video could be ignored and missed. Take the time to evaluate your audience, and their habits. There have been multiple studies on the optimal time to post content on social media, but don’t rely solely on that. Make sure you’ve done your research on your target audience and your customer habits. Keep in mind your demographic. What might work for part of your audience may not work for another. Depending on the platform, tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

Is One Type of Content Preferred?

Video is definitely the most popular of all content. It’s influential.

According to Tubular Insights, 46% of consumers made a purchase after watching a sponsored video.

It’s also the most popular among millennials and younger, the largest demographic of the population. Most people prefer to watch a video than read content, meaning its accessible across all age groups.

Are Additional Writers Necessary?

There’s been lots of talk about guest blogging, mostly on whether or not it’s an effective method of promotion. Due to the changes in SEO and the need for more high quality content to get noticed, guest posting could be the best way to bring awareness to your brand. Influencers can help increase your brand’s visibility. This is the most important aspect of guest blogging, as it’s main goal is to bring in new customers. Reaching a new audience through an influential guest can achieve just that.

Don’t forget about cross-branding which can boost awareness, and provide mutual benefits.

The truth is there’s no special formula to providing successful content. It’s all about what works for your brand, finding your brand’s personality and showcasing it to the world. You want to show your customers that you are an authority figure in the industry that you’re selling in. It’s all about having a strategy and sticking to it.

Follow the guideline: awareness, consideration and decision.

It will focus your content and remind you to always think about the consumer. Fulfill a need and answer their questions with your relevant content. If you have a good content marketing strategy than the likelihood is that your content will bring back customers and engage new ones.

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