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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media

Social media marketing builds trust with your audience, and while there may be other ways in which you can sell your brand, there is nothing else that quite bridges the gap. Social media makes your brand more personable. It gives you information on your consumers that you otherwise wouldn’t be privy to. It keeps you in the conversation. Without social media, your brand may literally be lacking any kind of relevance. Google takes social media incredibly seriously and even changed its algorithm to incorporate data from these sites. But if you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons you need social media for your brand.

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media

  1. Boosts Your Website’s SEO
  2. Increases Traffic
  3. Builds Brand Loyalty
  4. Stay Aligned with Competition
  5. Increase Sales

BoostS Your Website’s SEO

As said before, Google takes social media talk very seriously. If your brand isn’t being mentioned in the conversation, then it basically doesn’t exist. Search engines use that data to index your brand’s content and without the data there is little way to index. It certainly won’t be seen as relevant and you won’t be on the first page of search results. Using social media makes your brand part of a bigger conversation. When you post content other people will like and share it. They will link it and that will boost your SEO. The more links you have shared, the higher your ranking and that’s only a good thing because…

increase traffic

The more people share your links, the more likely customers are going to actually click-through. If you’re posting quality content and people like it, then they are going to be interested in seeing more and will look into your brand. With social media metrics you can target your audience and make sure they see your products. You can find out what works and what doesn’t, and those very statistics will make sure that your brand is engaged with. Site traffic will increase and the more you post, the more content your audience will consume which bring us to number three.

Build Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer will share your content and recommend your brand to others. They will engage with your content. Social media is all about communication and that very communication is what builds loyalty. Listening to the conversation your audience is having about your brand. Taking care of any complaints and responding to compliments is how you can create positive interactions. Those interactions will show that your brand is accessible and willing to engage. Social media is the easiest medium to have one-on-one interactions with customers, which is what they want when there is so much clamoring for their attention. Not can you have conversations with your followers, but you can also do giveaways and contests which further help with engagement and make your brand stand out.

Stay Aligned with Competition

While it’s not the most important thing, you definitely will want to see how you compare to the competition in your industry. It helps your brand stay ahead and make sure they aren’t taking any of your loyal customers. You wouldn’t want to lose them because you weren’t paying attention. You can easily find your competitors and see which social media sites they use. You can gather data on their followers, their posts and what kind of content that seems to gain the most engagement. You can see what content works best in your industry. That can help with your own strategy and figure out what might out do them in the long run.

Increased Sales

Of course those loyal customers aren’t just going to be speaking with you on social media. Though there are some difficulties seeing the ROI of social media marketing, there are several case studies which show that it does work. Companies using social media see more traffic and sales than those that don’t use it.

The best part of social media marketing is that all the social media sites are free to use. You can interact with your audience without spending a dime. Sure you can pay money for advertisements, but if you create the right content and target the right audience, then with a little patience you will find that engagement turns into actual revenue. Even if you did spend a little on in-app advertising, it would still cost less than through traditional means. It’s simply impossible to ignore social media when there are millions of people using it every day. Social media marketing can only help your overall marketing strategy and bring your brand across the globe.

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