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You need to promote your brand and get your message out there now. It’s not enough to create a great product and hope that someone finds it. You need a digital marketing strategy. You need one that builds traffic, brand awareness and creates conversions. If you’re looking for a way to get started, let us help. We are 18Brandz. We are a high experience team of motivated and data-driven digital marketing strategists. Each one of our highly proficient team members are dedicated to building your brand and delivering your message to your audience. Our meetings are creative brainstorms. We spend our days hard at work to make sure each one of our campaigns are reaching your goals.

We are your digital marketing strategists and we want to make your brand a household name. We understand every technique and strategy there is to make your brand stand out from the competition. Will promote your brand across the best channels so you will succeed online. Our strategies are all data-driven, meaning we can give you an accurate measurement of success.

Through our Social Media Management, SEO, Content Management and PPC we get your brand out there.


what others say about us

"18brandz gets social media and its importance to the entire company. Whether it’s blogging, info-graphic creation or marketing consulting, Lakia and the team brought spot on creative ideas and they are great to work with!"

Shimi Brand Manager

"18Brandz has helped my company grow in a phenomenal way. The attention to their clients needs along with their innovative creativity has helped market my brand in the areas where it was needed most. I strongly recommend their services to anyone who needs a help getting their product in the right direction, using digital marketing strategies."

Shlomi Dr. Sofa

"Shay and his SEO team have made a huge difference to our brand with his knowledge and good work. Shay managed to save us money on AdWords and increase conversion rate. Our site is ranking higher than ever and we’re getting more people contacting us thanks to the team’s great work. "

Donna VP Customer Success

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WHAT WE DO BEST 18Brandz services

We handle all aspects of your Digital Marketing Strategy

so you can focus on doing business.

Each brand is unique. A cookie-cutter approach is not for you. All marketing strategists will tell you that and we will walk the walk as well. We tailor Digital Marketing Strategy to fit your brand. We execute to perfection and then we measure and analyze. We use data to optimize every dollar spent.

With hundreds of projects done so far, we are excited with every new opportunity to help brands shine! We never work on more than one brand per industry at a time and we put our hearts and soul into our creative work. You will immediately feel your team has doubled in size and expertise.

We love doing the marketing day-to-day, but If you are still only exploring we are good consultants too.

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